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A Sense of Place

Fall in my backyard

Coffee on the Dock

Sitting by the lake surrounded by woods painted in red and gold, the crows squawking in the background, I'm struck by how much I love my home. I'm incredibly lucky to have landed in this little piece of heaven. I've been here longer than I've lived anywhere in my life and it nurtures me in ways that are too deep for words. Last night over dinner a friend commented that she'd never seen a home that so reflected the owner. If a place can share a soul then this home shares a part of mine.

the rug!

After my divorce, I felt the need to make this place truly my own and I marked my dog speak, I peed in all the corners. I spent way too much on a big beautiful rug for the living room, one I wanted since we built the house in 1993. Over the years I'd brought home numerous versions of this rug only to have them vetoed and returned to the store. The rug was my way of making this home my own, claiming my space.

The place is big, big enough to raise three kids and seat up to 35 every Thanksgiving. It's hosted art shows, potlucks, women's retreats, campfires, cookouts, prom night after parties, and romantic dinners for two. One time when a venue fell through two days before a girlfriend's surprise 50th birthday party, her husband rerouted their 100 plus guests to my house. We moved the couch, set up a 6 piece band in the living room, then danced into the night!

Kids in Christmas PJs


Front porch pickin' and singing

A birthday party from days gone by

Yoga Class retreat

Swimming in the lake behind my house I've argued with God from the depths of my heart. I've also felt wrapped in God's infinite love sitting on the dock at midnight engulfed by the magic and majesty all around. My creative muse frequently visits here inspiring new artwork which keeps my studio overflowing with projects that ultimately pay the bills. Walking the trails here is better than church for connecting with the Divine.

Keeping up with this place is hard. Deck boards are rotting and need to be replaced, the place hasn't been painted in years. there's a new leak in the porch roof, and the driveway potholes badly need grading and new gravel.

Even with all it's challenges, this place feeds my soul and there is no place I'd rather call home. When I get off course, overwhelmed, or loose my bearings this place never fails to bring me back...

back home to myself.

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