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Sea Inspired

During the painful days of my divorce 10 years ago I poured my heart out in words and prayers hidden below surface of my encaustic paintings. My art at that time was inspired by the upheaval in my personal life. In 1986 on the day prior to the Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy, I had a strange déjà vu feeling while painting explosions of white on a big sky blue canvas. The next morning I had the same déjà vu feeling as I watched the live television news feeds of Challenger taking off then exploding into white fireworks against a clear blue sky, an image strangely similar to the painting I'd made the day before.

Who can possibly explain or understand where and how inspiration comes?

In the past year I've had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time on my boyfriends' live aboard sailboat Glory Days. Joe and I have witnessed

firey sunsets, dolphins playing within arms reach and a remote rookery alive with more species of wildlife than I could count. These memories fill my head with images that beg to be painted.

Last week I finished Ocean Dreams Come True, the sea inspired painting below. It will go to Newbill Collection by the Sea Gallery in Seaside, Florida as soon as I can make the drive down for a delivery.

Ocean Dreams Come True, 30x30x2" acrylic on wood panel

In mid September I'm heading to Saint Simons Island to begin another sailing adventure up the coast of Georgia to Charleston. Between trimming sails and other first mate duties, I hope to make a few new sea life paintings and maybe find a new gallery or two.

Where do you find inspiration?

Here's to being inspired by the beauty all along the way!

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Newbill Collection by the Sea

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