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Apalach' Art Road Trip

One of my favorite things about being an artist are my road trips to deliver paintings, especially when it's for an art opening on the Gulf of Mexico. Wednesday I packed my van with paintings and headed south on a 5 hour ride to Apalachicola, Florida. Upon arrival we all went straight to work hanging art and helping get ready for the show and Friday night opening at The Bowery Gallery. The show featured

my work and the paintings and sculpture of artists Anne Hemple and Ken Richardson.

Leslie Wallace Coon owns and operates The Bowery Gallery and if you've never visited it's worth a stop to experience this funky little art spot. It's tucked away in downtown Apalachicola on Commerce Street near the waterfront and is jam packed with an ever changing array of sculptures, paintings, jewelry and ceramics. I've known Leslie since the 80's when we were young, single and just starting our art careers in Marietta, Georgia. She's got a wicked sense of humor making the trip all the more fun! What's more, she's an amazing ceramic artist and when she's not helping customers you can find her at work in her studio at the rear of the gallery.

A corner of the gallery is almost ready with my new face paintings and Leslie's sculptures.

Leslie Wallace Coon, her husband George, my sweetie Joe Green, and I (reflected in the door) sit down to a great home cooked meal Thursday night after an exhausitng day getting ready for the show.

It's all smiles Friday night as Leslie sells art and big crowds made for an exciting opening party.

Joe and Leslie sing a few tunes on the gallery patio as things wind down Friday night.

Saturday we head west to Newbill Collection by the Sea in Seaside Florida to drop off the last paintings then make a quick stop to put our toes in the sand at Grayton Beach before heading home.

We said good bye to our friends in Apalachicola and headed west to Seaside, Florida for my last gallery stop at the Newbill Collection by the Sea. After dropping off paintings, Joe and I headed across the street for a late lunch at Bud and Alley's rooftop restaurant.

As we sat on the deck, enjoying giant steamed shrimp and watching waves hit the beach I couldn't help thinking how lucky I am to be an artist and have a career that takes me to such fun places where I cross paths with such wonderful people. Life is truly good!

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